Best Tools for Awesome WordPress Developers


Being a WordPress developer can be frustrating, when you code and the project deadlines are pressing hard and then you encounter a bug which makes your whole local site go blank, you call it a “WTF“.

You spend hours tackling this issue and find that everytime you review your code, you’re finding new bugs. Most often the project efficiency and your dedication towards a project is governed by the number of WTF’s encountered while coding. And when the number goes beyond the threshold you realize maybe the old high school development tool you are using to code is outdated and you need a replacement.

Here are some of my recommendations on Best development tools for Awesome WordPress Developers:

Best tools for WordPress development on MAC

Espresso [ For HTML/CSS/JS/PHP ] MAMP [ For Development, Setup Apache/Mysql ] Transmit [ For FTP/SFTP/S3/Dev server ] SpriteRight [ Image Sprite Creation with CSS ] NetTuts + Builder [ Auto CSS creation ] CODA [ PHP/HTML/HELP/SVN/FTP]

Best tools for WordPress development on Windows

PHPDesigner [ PHP/HTML/CSS/JS/FTP/HELP ] XAMPP [ Development Setup, Apache/Mysql ] Tortoise SVN [ SVN ] GIMP [ Sprite Creation ]

This list isn’t exhaustive so go on, comment below and add more !


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